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In some states, ID expiration is notified by email, but in most cases you will have to keep track of it yourself. Each identity card has an expiration date.
Different states have different ways to renew their identity. In some, you need to personally come to the State Department of Vehicle Registration, while in others you can do this either by phone or email. Most states allow you to update your ID in advance (advanced renewal). This will be especially convenient for those who leave the United States for a long time. So, you can renew the ID even a year before the expiration date and not worry about it for a long time.
In some states, if you are too late for updating your ID, you will have to get it again and go through all the relevant procedures, namely, personally submit a request to the local Department and present the same documents that were necessary to obtain the certificate for the first time. Read more about the update procedure here.
In case of loss of ID, they also personally contact the Department, present all the required documents and draw up an application for a new certificate. Both for updating and for replacing IDs they charge a fee, the amount of which depends on the state.
What is a U.S. ID?
In general, the term ID refers to both a driver’s license and simply to an identity card – in the States they are respectively called Driver ID and Non-driver ID. This article will focus on the latter.
USA driver ID
Your ID and US passport are not the same thing! The latter is used for travel outside the country. But with the loss of a driver’s license or ID, they can do it before restoring documents.
You can become an ID holder at any age. To do this, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles. Although some states can do something online: make an appointment with the Department, fill out and print the application form, you will still have to go to the DMV office. Find the address, phone number and other contact information of the Department in the territory of a state here.