What is it ID ?

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Following the events of September 11, 2001, the US government took steps to improve security, prevent terrorist attacks, and control US border crossings and domestic movement. One of the steps was the adoption of the Identity Act (The REAL ID Act) in 2005. The law establishes standards that must be met by a driver’s license and ID.
Prior to this, the United States did not have a single form of identity card. We can say that it does not exist now, because only 23 states fall under the law on identification cards. The plans of the US government until 2017 to ensure that all states issue IDs in accordance with the requirements of The REAL ID Act. But while the remaining 27 states, as before, issue IDs autonomously and independently establish what this document looks like, what data it contains and what it takes to get it.
What is a U.S. ID?
In general, the term ID refers to both a driver’s license and simply to an identity card – in the States they are respectively called Driver ID and Non-driver ID. This article will focus on the latter.
USA driver ID
Your ID and US passport are not the same thing! The latter is used for travel outside the country. But with the loss of a driver’s license or ID, they can do it before restoring documents.
Why do I need an ID
In order to vote for the candidate you like in the election, an identity card in the United States is not needed. But it will be needed for a large number of other things, for example, in order to:
open a bank account;
Receive unemployment and welfare benefits and Medicaid health care;
buy or rent a house or take a real estate loan;
purchase a new or used car or rent it;
check in for a flight or hotel;
get married;
to have a pet;
buy weapons and purchase a license for hunting or fishing;
buy medication prescribed by a doctor at the pharmacy;