Why residents of New York need a new ID-card

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Every New Yorker can now get a new ID.Why do you need it and how to arrange it. You have about two years to issue a new identity card. Starting in October 2020, you will not be able to fly across the United States without a REAL ID (or passport), as well as get into federal institutions, military bases and other facilities with an increased level of security. In fact, the REAL ID is not much different from the standard New York State driver’s license, and there is no new information in the card itself. But in order to receive this card, you must go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and confirm your identity, your right to reside in New York. In order to get a REAL ID in DMV for free, you must have with you: A doc proving your identity, for example, a birth certificate or passport, indicating the first and middle name and surname.
A doc confirming the social security number or its absence (letter from the Social Security Administration, which confirms that you do not have a social security number). A doc confirming the date of birth. Proof of citizenship, obtaining a residence permit or temporary residence in the United States. Two docs proving that you are a New Yorker, for example, a utility bill or a bank statement.
In addition to REAL ID, you can also get an identification card with more advanced features – it can be used as an identity card to cross the border with Canada, Mexico and some countries of the Caribbean “According to www.usa.one. Such a card, called Enhanced ID, will cost you $ 30.
It just so happened that an American passport was always considered a doc for international travel. No one perceived it as an ordinary ID for identifying a person in the country. Consequently, passport developers focused on the hidden electronic information contained in the document, and not on its appearance.
Prices for fake blue crusts in the underground market range from $ 300 to $ 25 thousand. The cost depends on the quality and timing of production. For example, a group of scammers from San Francisco offered customers passports with which they can easily travel around the world. A biometric photograph was taken in an ordinary basement using exactly the same equipment as in the Department of Homeland Security. Representatives of DHS flatly declined to comment on this case.